Best Hosting Company of 2022 – Discount Link

Do you need a reliable, powerful, affordable hosting company abroad for your site? There is a hosting company that I have been using since 2007 without any problems. My WordPress websites have been reaching you uninterruptedly for years thanks to this.  I was looking at hosting sites abroad and I made the right decision. Look, years have passed, I never wanted to change.

Is Dreamhost a good hosting company?

  • My websites are always up. They don’t have excuses.
  • Fast.
  • High security.
  • Too many websites can be used and paid into a single account. The price does not change when you add a new site. If you want, you have 20 sites.
  • Systems such as WordPress are installed with a single click. You don’t need to know technical installation steps.
  • There is no additional charge as the database size increases.
  • It does not want additional money when your visitors increase and bandwidth increases.
  • Your web space is unlimited. It doesn’t say “It’s full, come on, additional bill”.
  • Email can be opened.
  • It is easy to backup, it backs up sites completely with one click.
  • There is SFTP, of course.
  • Free SSL certificate. It required for secure Internet and now does it automatically with one click. (Let’s Encrypt)
  • It keeps statistics for each of your sites.
  • If you have become a free member of CDN one-click Cloudflare, it can be easily turned on and off in its own panel.

How to Become a Member of Dreamhost?

The referenced link below helps both you and me to win. I recommend signing up via the link to purchase at a more affordable price.

DreamPress smaller package just for wordpress

I defined a discount for this hosting package with links above, which has many more features. Thus, it is a two-sided gain. You become a member for the first time with an affordable price, and I get a referral award.