Gluten Free Museum

Some people have a Gluten Intolerance. They can’t look at the bread and pastry, they don’t want to see it. A young artist who has waged war on paintings that are unforgettablely etched in art history, and have made them gluten-free with a playful take. Let’s see how they did. Gluten Free Museum.

On his site Gluten-Free Museum, French graphic artist Arthur Coulet humorously shows us how, when asked, everything can be erased from the world as if it never happened.


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Arthur Coulet:


What are gluten disorders?


What is gluten? What does gluten contain?
The name of the protein that causes toxic reactions in the part of the small intestine close to the stomach and initiates celiac disease is gluten. It is found more in foods such as wheat, barley, oats and rye, which we call cereals. Bread needs gluten in order to get its consistency. Without gluten, wheat cannot be final.

Gluten disorder – Gluten disease
In celiac patients, a toxic reaction occurs in the small intestines against the part of gluten we call gleadin. The absorbability of the foods taken is lost due to gluten. In fact, gluten has many benefits. An adult or a child always needs gluten to be able to comfortably feed on carbohydrates. The bread we consume most is mostly made from wheat and is one of the most vital foods. In celiac patients, this need should be compensated with other gluten substitutes. Instead of wheat, barley and oats, corn and rice can be preferred.