If The 7 Wonders Of The World Still Existed Today

7 wonders of the world

Evgeny Kazantsev has created a series of beautiful drawings that bring the ancient wonders of the ancient world, often known as the seven wonders, into the modern era.

I had a great time watching. Would they have the same appearance if they were remade? Is there an eerie dust of the past, of a wild, other civilization, on them as well?

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Lotte Reiniger | Scissor-Handed Silhouette Artist

lotteust Lotte Reiniger | Scissor-Handed Silhouette Artist art

“Lotte Reiniger is one of the leaders of shadow theater and animated cinema. It isn’t just that she shot the world’s first animated film that made him a pioneer. The paper cut with her hand and scissors; It is not that it creates the scene, the background, the characters, the objects or even the whole pattern.
It is art that he created excitedly from the beginning of the century until the end. “

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