What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse Invitation?

Clubhouse is a new social media. This time, communication is established by the voice. “What? How is it?” Think of a live radio broadcast. The audience can also participate and speak. Famous people come, everything that comes to mind is spoken. Super links are being established. There are rooms, each room has a different subject. You missed when Instagram was set up, look, today it has become a giant. Don’t miss it now. This article will be very useful for you. Below are the answers to the questions. You can support by sharing this article and following in Clubhouse. My user name is suleymansonmez . See you at the Clubhouse. Important note: The product is constantly improving. I add the new features to this post, do not forget to share them on social media and add them to your favorites.

How do I become a member of the Clubhouse?

You must have an iPhone or iPad right now. Go to the app store, search for Clubhouse and install it. I’m adding the link.


It will ask for your phone number and enter everything right after that. Very important. Don’t say “I’ll be a member and hang out anonymously”. You are given the right to change the name twice. You may even need to get a new phone number. In short, write the phone correctly. Enter the SMS future verification code. It will ask you to choose your username. Pick it like choosing a name you will use for life. So write your name and surname. Everyone becomes a member with their true identity, and this is meaningful.

If you have a Twitter account, you can connect it and it will be seen on your profile when you become a member. You can also add your Instagram account, but if you say that everyone should not reach your family and friends, do not write there.


Where to Find Clubhouse Invitation Card?

You have joined the system but Clubhouse wants an invitation. If you want to access the contact information during login, a familiar person can get you into the system automatically or by invitation. It is possible to choose for it. In order to receive an invitation from someone, you must have an iPhone or iPad. There is currently no Android. Please don’t waste people’s invitations if they don’t exist. The invitation card is something that can be sold for $ 30 each today. If the person gives you a gift, someone who can enter the system use it.

After your membership, your invitations will appear in the envelope icon on the top left. Here you can send an invitation to your friend’s username. Important note, I do not recommend sending it to people you do not know at all. It is always visible who sent the invitation on that person’s profile. If the person has a bad character, every person who looks at the biome will remember you.😉


How to Prepare Clubhouse Profile and BIO?

When you enter the clubhouse, your icon appears at the top right. When you click it, you will see the information you want to give.

Clubhouse Profile photo:

Select your photo representing you. If you want a ring and color around it, you can do it with
https://www.clubhouseglow.com/ .

Party hat, confetti stand on your image for 1 week when you become a member. Older users who see this will be more tolerant of the mistakes you make.

Canva is also ideal for these jobs

Your username is for example my @suleymansonmez
Name: Suleyman Sonmez click on this name and your real name (you can correct it with Correct my legal name option)
. Via the add my creator alias menu

View full profile: Since your  name is a real name, it must be real too. The first three lines are important for those who want to know who you are.
In the first 3 lines, you can briefly describe what you are doing. Do not use emojis. In the bottom section, you can tell what you have done in the bio.
Also, if you open a room in the future, you can write the dates and times and room rules here.

There is also this here. Depending on the room you will enter, you may want to highlight some of your features and become a speaker. You can also add Turkish and English.

Your websites, communication channels, e-mails, etc. can also be written here.


How to Follow Clubhouse People? How To Find It?

In the room you enter, you can click on the profile photo of the people you like or want to meet for the network or even do not want to lose the topics they are talking about.

The Follow button will do this.

So how do you find someone?
After logging in to the clubhouse, press the magnifying glass button on the top left and search for the name. For example, suleymansonmez


What is a Clubhouse Room?

A virtual chat room opened for a topic where desired people can join. The name of a Clubhouse room can be specified when the summary of the content will start.

The room can be opened immediately. For this, the “Start a room” button is pressed.

When opened, you will see 3 options.
Open: A public room.
Social: Only people you and other moderators follow can enter this room.
Closed: Only people you choose can enter the room. People are selected with “Choose People” .

A room can currently have 5000 people. Afterwards, he waits for someone who cannot login.
Rooms come before you open the Clubhouse. You can pull a room you do not like to the right and hide it. You can search with the magnifying glass at the top left to find a room on certain subjects

How to Speak and Rest in the Room in Clubhouse?

The screen in the clubhouse room consists of 3 parts.
The upper part is the part with the speakers (in this area with a green star on the left of the name Moderator, ie the people who manage the room), the
second part is the people followed by the speakers (Followed by the speakers) and the
third part is the audience (Others in the room)

The first rule is to know how to listen. Those who do not know this are generally not liked. Everyone will speak and listen and will not be interrupted. This society cannot do this in 100 years, this will be the first.

When the second issue comes to you, your speech in 3-4 minutes should be healed, if everyone talks for 20 minutes, it is not called chat. People are not thirsty, even though they are aware that they talk too much and even express it. It’s also not nice for the moderator to interrupt you. We must learn to speak succinctly. Twitter taught me to write with fewer characters. The Clubhouse will also teach self-talk.


Raising a Hand in Clubhouse

It is done by pressing the hand symbol at the bottom right of the screen. To change the color of the hand, just hold it down. When the moderator takes you to the upper part, your microphone will be turned on, turn it off immediately.

It is a flashing beige ring around it that tells who is speaking.

Going back from the speaker area to the audience area:

Let’s say your conversation is complete, you want to get back down. Click on your own picture in the speaker area. Select Move to audiance.


How to Make Clubhouse Clap?

Fast quick closing of the microphone icon means clap. Turning it on and off slowly tells you that you want to speak.

How to Exit the Clubhouse Room?

It is possible to leave a room at any time. Just click the “Leave Quietly” button at the bottom left.

How to Invite Someone to the Clubhouse Room?

Once in a room, just press the + plus button at the bottom right and select contacts.

Can Articles Be Linked In Clubhouse?

No. To this end, the moderators and speakers publish the notes of the session via twitter or Instagram DM, blog post, as well as various online note-taking sites.

What happens if the phone rings while talking in the Clubhouse?

Your speech will be interrupted. Therefore, if you manage the room, either use an iPad or be cautious against cuts.

What Should the Clubhouse Moderator Consider?

First of all, never open a room alone, there must be at least one more moderator. The reason is that your Internet outage causes the room to be shut down. In addition, during the conversation, your friend continues to interrupt the flow as a moderator in cases such as the need for toilet, cough, knocking on the door, or if someone is at home.

The person who opens the room can give moderator to anyone who comes after him. Just click on the profile picture and select a moderator.

Those who want to be speakers will see them when they raise their hands. He can approve these people and move them to the speaker area. Likewise, when problems occur in the flow, the advertisement can take the verbally violent person back into the audience area. In some rooms, people are given time. It is moved to the speaker section by the moderators whose speech ends.

The microphone of the person who comes to the speaker area is automatically turned on. It is necessary for the person going upstairs to close it. If he has not closed it and he does not have the right to speak, the moderator can close it.

Never leave the room without closing it. Next to the room name, you will see the End Room option in three spots. It is not a good idea to leave the others alone in the room.

Do not allow any serious illegal rhetoric. You are the opening of the room. If necessary, take it to the audience section. Do not fan the fight, do not hurt anyone, be gentle. When you see a famous person, do not treat those waiting in line as worthless people and give the word to the famous person immediately.

You can invite people you know to the room with the + plus button. If they are available, they will come. Then you ask them if they want to come to the speaking area and if they raise a hand, you give it to him.


What is the Page Down in Clubhouse Room?

If the picture of a person on the page has been reloaded, or if there are people joining the room, the page should often be pulled down to see the correct order of speech. Particularly speakers and moderators should take this reflexively. (English PTR – pull to refresh)


What is Resetting in the Clubhouse Room?

There will also be attendees about forty-five minutes after the room is opened. A good moderator resets the topic every 15 minutes and quickly summarizes the topics discussed at that moment.

Planning a Clubhouse Room

When you press the calendar icon on the top of the interface, you can see the announcements of the rooms that the people you follow during the day will open. By pressing the open room button at the top right, you can write the name of your room, date and time, if there will be another moderator, and briefly what the subject is. On this calendar screen, you can filter the rooms you are moderator by clicking the Upcoming for you button if you wish, with the My Events option.

Where Is Everyone At The Clubhouse At That Moment?

Click on the green button icon at the bottom right to see which room your friends are in at the moment. Thus, when the room name appears under the name in the list, you can join that room with + Room.


Clubhouse Notification

You choose which events you want to receive notifications for.

Does Clubhouse Allow Audio Recording?

After launching the Clubhouse room to record Clubhouse conversations, tap on the record button at the bottom of your screen to start recording.

Children in the Clubhouse

Technically, many social media have an age limit. For their safety, contact should not be made without family written consent. So do not move it to the speaker area.

Why Is Clubhouse So Effective and Attractive?

For the first time, there is such a well-established structure for voice socialization. People can socialize. While working during the day, he can only listen like a radio without a speaker. Under normal circumstances, he can hear the thoughts of people they can attend with a ticket or a ticket, and even talk to them. It is not necessary to constantly look at the cell phone. While going on Instagram visuality, it is possible to communicate on this platform without thinking about it as a casual outfit and talking in the comfort of your home.

Well-trained people, academics and business people living abroad are reached very quickly.

Rehabilitation in the Community

If people’s problems arise between the topics in the rooms, everyone’s suggestions, their efforts to solve their courage and applause system are great.
Yes, let me explain the applause system. As you turn your microphone icon on and off, you are applauding the speaker.
For example, the room where everyone told their obsessions was extremely fun and instructive.

Clubhouse Network Power

Anyone who you normally cannot make an appointment with, and whose busy agenda you cannot reach and say a word to, is within sound distance.
Seeing this, agencies present their projects and studies with masterful titles.
Law, technology, overseas job opportunities, coding etc. are on the agenda.
People come together, in short.
It’s fun too. In one room, everyone requested a discount from the aesthetic doctor.


Clubhouse News and Magazine New Source

Celebrities are also bored with loneliness. But like face-to-face communication, social media is also very threatening. Generally, there is no mutual interaction with anyone on social media. Even replying to a follower on Instagram is news. This isolation has been overcome for the second time with Clubhouse. It was the first social media called Friendfeed. I was one of the first people to welcome Sertap Erener. When nobody believed it, he sent a photo. Now celebrities are coming to the platform.

Opening a Club in the Clubhouse

If you are opening a room regularly, you may want to move it to a fixed room, the club header. This is not an easy process. The number of clubs you can open is limited. For this reason, I say don’t go to this step until you open and manage a room over and over and determine what you want to talk about.

Clubhouse Will Improve Your Diction

When your look is a small photo, your voice remains. People who have studied diction, read a book, and chatted before start one zero ahead. I haven’t used my diction voice yet. I can make 5 sounds. I tried the effect of my usual voice. I’ll switch to my diction voice. Radio players tried this in a room, they’re right.
(The sound I use on my Youtube channel.)


Clubhouse Revenue Model

Features such as sending money with a single click by credit card to support the speaker seen on other social media will soon come to the platform. In addition to various income sources such as subscriptions, it is financed by the sponsorship fees given by the companies that we see to be made to those who open rooms.

Right to socialize with indoor camera without being beautiful and well-groomed

There is no need to explain this. There has never been a sick age when people are driven to passion for outward appearance until the age of Instagram. For the first time, the inside of the brain became important.
The one with good mind will win pleasant conversations

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