30 Fun Riddles and Answers to Have a Good Time

riddles 30 Fun Riddles and Answers to Have a Good Time Fun

30 Fun Riddles and Answers to Have a Good Time 🙂  Riddles are fun because they challenge our thinking and problem-solving skills. They often require us to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions. Additionally, solving riddles can be a satisfying feeling, as it provides a sense of accomplishment. Riddles can also be humorous, making them enjoyable to read and share with others.

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Super Sculpey | Making Sculptures with Model Dough

sculpey 1 Super Sculpey | Making Sculptures with Model Dough Fun

Since my childhood, I enjoy the benefits of having many siblings in my life. When you are the eldest of siblings, it becomes easier for you to manage them, somehow find games, hobbies, new sports areas, share them with them, and tell stories. This is how all our pastimes were born, from collecting stamps when we were little, to making our own toys, from storytelling to a thousand kinds of hobbies we find on the streets. When people reach middle age, they look for new hobbies. I got into photography ten years ago. What I have found now is to make trinkets and sculptures with model dough.

sculpey 2 Super Sculpey | Making Sculptures with Model Dough Fun

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Short Trip – Alexander Perrin

short trip

I came across a very funny short game/animation. Short Trip. The character in the game leaves his house and starts his journey on foot. Then it continues its journey with a tram. You can make it stop at some stops and new passengers get on. Be sure to turn up the volume. The drawings are very enjoyable, the sounds are peaceful. Imagine enjoying the vast landscape at the end of the journey.

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Find Your Pi Day

pi day

Find Your Pi Day. Pi is an infinite number. Among those who consider this number sacred, there are also many who seek mysteries. Now I will tell you something that will amuse you. Want to find your birthday in PI number?

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Is Your Face Symmetrical?

sharon simetic Is Your Face Symmetrical? Fun

Look three photos of George Clooney I prepared for you. Which is the original George? Is it on the right or middle or on the left?

When the right and left of the face are taken separately and copied to the other side, we encounter an incredible image: A couple. A couple living in one person. After our double helix DNA structure, we enter an amazing topic.

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