Stephen King – The Institute Novel

institute stephen king Stephen King – The Institute Novel Book

Although Stephen King is known as a horror novelist, the works he has written in different genres for the last 20 years are still read as masterpieces and serials are adapted into movies. The novel “ The Institute ” also touched on an unusual subject.

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Armada – Ernest Cline – From the Author of Ready Player One


The concept of the metaverse attracts tremendous attention. Those who watched the movie “Start: Ready Player One”, which is the king of this concept, asked, “Who wrote this wonderful work?” When they searched for it, they found Ernest Cline and his novel. Be sure to read the book, because very detailed ideas that are not included in the movie are bombarded in the book. Of course, this is not the only book written by this genius author, the novel “Armada” brings to mind a completely different subject. Keywords: gamers and alien invasion.

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