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Learn how to create a QR Code. Clean QR code without ads that you don’t want.

The book teaches how to generate QR codes for the following topics:
QR code with your logo, Vcard, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, survey, web page, Google Form, pet tag, rental, house for sale, health information, phone number, map location, email, SMS, Snapchat, restaurant menu, suitcase, treasure hunt, questions on the covers, question videos and lots of apps.
A unique, easy-to-understand, simple and step-by-step e-book where you will find the necessary tips and design principles for your QR Code to be successful.

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QR Code is a 2D barcode system developed by Denso Wave in Japan in 1994. Company’s introduction page: 

The abbreviation QR is formed from the English words Quick Response.

It allows a web page, document, image, video, contact card, restaurant menu, invitation, location or detailed information to be given by reading a remarkable QR image that takes up little space in daily life with a device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

QR Code is also used for payment method or to follow people on social media.


Why is it Important to Choose the Right QR Code Generator Site?

There are many QR code generator sites and apps. When you look at the comments, you can see the complaints and troubles of the people.

For example, you produced a QR code and paid for printing and distributed it to many people, will that QR code still be working after a year? Unfortunately sometimes not.

Many people who were pressured in this way had to switch to paid membership. When the QR codes, which were given free at the beginning, were read later, the advertisements of those sites appeared in front of customers and students. However, after those ads, the website, application and image that was requested to be opened with a QR code could be opened.

What we expect from a QR code site:

  • Easy to use.
  • The advertisements of the site providing QR code service should not occupy the working screen.
  • Years later, the QR code should work.
  • Before the content represented by the QR code is opened, an undesired advertisement should not appear.
  • Even if the QR code produced is small, it should be easy to scan.
  • There should be no limit to the number of scans. For example, it should not stop when a thousand people scan it.
  • The use of a free account ends with a thousand scans per month. The site that I will describe in this book does not have these limitations.
    “Endless lifetime with unlimited scans. QRCode Monkey also has no limitations. All generated QR codes will work forever, do not expire and have no scanning limits like you see at other commercial QR code generators.”
  • It should also be free for commercial use.
  • There should be a high resolution or vector-based QR code image download feature that will ensure that the image is not distorted when pressed large.

For example, the QR code generator may sound great because everything looks Unlimited, but at the bottom, “ADS on Scan” means: People who read the QR code will first see the advertisement of another company that is not under your control, then the content you want will come. At this stage, advertisements that you will not encounter may even harm your brand.

  • The site described in this book did not display advertisements for free QR codes at the time of writing.
  • If we are following the project with a professional eye, if we want to see how many people have scanned the code, we should provide access to these statistics for a fee, if necessary.

QR Code Examples from Daily Life

NASA Photo of the Day

QR Code as Airplane and Concert Tickets

In order to provide fast entry in big events where the community moves quickly, there may be a QR code on the edges of the ticket, or the relevant company will send you the digital ticket with a QR code, using methods such as e-mail. Simply scan your QR code at the entrance.

QR Code in Shopping and Market

While walking in the subway corridors of virtual stores, the QR codes of the products seen on the walls can be scanned and thrown into virtual baskets. It may have arrived at your home when you arrived home.

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