Is Your Face Symmetrical?

Look three photos of George Clooney I prepared for you. Which is the original George? Is it on the right or middle or on the left?

When the right and left of the face are taken separately and copied to the other side, we encounter an incredible image: A couple. A couple living in one person. After our double helix DNA structure, we enter an amazing topic.


coloney simetic Is Your Face Symmetrical? Face Symmetrical

Body organs usually follow symmetry. Lungs, arms, legs, kidneys, etc. Some organs such as the heart are single. The double structure backs up each other and shares the task. However, looking at our faces, the work is quite different.

Get your  photo now.

Symmetrical Photo Creation Sites

The website that makes the photo symmetrical:

Android application that makes the face symmetrical

IPhone application that makes the face symmetrical

It doesn’t want a lot of computer knowledge. It happens even with Paint. Open a copy of your photo. Choose right or left right from the middle. From the Picture menu command “Rotate, flip” and “Flip horizontally”. Then place it neatly. Here is a half of your face dominated. Save it under another name and open your photo again. Then choose the other half that you haven’t copied just before and click the picture. Let’s not repeat it for a long time.

So two photos were formed. Scientists say that the sense of charm, beauty depends on the geometric balance on the face. The more similar these two photos of a face are, the more attractive or handsome they are. However, if it looks exactly the same, sadly another mind is a sign of obstacles.

It was surprisingly written in Newscientist magazines in recent years that this view, which is very close to symmetry in the selection of genres, is related to the body immune system.


According to the information in “The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, Art, Architecture”, in order to talk about the existence of a golden ratio on the face, the length of the mouth and the width of the nose, the distance between the pupils, the distance between the eyebrows, the distance between the nose width and the nostrils. The ratio between face length and face width, lower lip width and upper lip width should yield 1.618 …

So let’s continue having fun?


How about Sharon Stone (!) That I prepared for you again?

sharon simetic Is Your Face Symmetrical? Face Symmetrical

St. in Scotland A group of scientists from Andrews University investigated under what conditions the symmetrical faces were attractive to the opposite sex. For this, various male faces were shown to women and various female faces to men.

The results of the research show that the reasons why people like symmetrical faces develop with evolution. When a woman or man sees a symmetrical face in front of her, her brain signals that that person is healthy, her genes are good, that is, suitable for the continuation of the generation.

Unsymmetrical faces are not preferred because they evoke a hitch or disease in evolution. The choice of symmetrical faces is a natural selection method. The symmetrical face, that is, the superior one is chosen. Therefore, with evolution, both the people’s passion for symmetry and the symmetry of faces increased.
Different methods have been used to detect facial asymmetry, such as posterior displacement of the ear on the lesion side, lower eye, lower back of the same side zygoma and decreased vertical height of the eyelid opening. However, the severity of these cosmetic disorders in patients varies. Also in any method to measure its severity
not described.

Frontal Cephalometric analysis that we use is a widely used method in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. Various linear and angular measurements are used in this examination. One of them is PSA. It is an angle used to detect facial asymmetries and evaluate their etiology. This method has not been used in the diagnosis and follow-up of facial asymmetries of patients with torticollis and its effectiveness has not been studied.

We used this known method in patients with torticollis. According to our findings, the amount of facial asymmetry can be determined angularly and can be easily monitored in post-treatment improvement. However, the effectiveness of this method needs to be examined in larger patient groups and with longer follow-up times. In addition, the shortcomings of the method should be determined by comparative studies with three-dimensional CT.

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