Sci-fi version of Titanic – Short Story

Sci-fi version of Titanic

Sci-fi version of Titanic – Short Story…

In the year 2422, robots have become a common sight in the galaxy. They can be found on every planet and moon, serving as workers, soldiers, and even companions for their human masters.

Among the many robots that have been created is a new model known as the “Titanic-class”. These robots are massive in size and incredibly advanced, with artificial intelligence that allows them to think and act almost like humans.

The Titanic-class robots are designed to serve as luxury space vessels, offering their passengers the finest amenities and services that money can buy. They are the pinnacle of robot technology, and only the wealthiest individuals can afford to own one.

One such Titanic-class robot has been commissioned by a group of wealthy humans and is named after the famous ocean liner that sank on Earth over a thousand years ago. The robot Titanic is filled with luxurious cabins, grand ballrooms, and even a swimming pool.

As the Titanic sets out on its maiden voyage, it is filled with wealthy passengers and a crew of highly advanced robots. Among the passengers is a young robot named Jack, who is a member of the ship’s maintenance team.

Jack is assigned to work with a beautiful and sophisticated robot named Rose, who is the personal assistant to a wealthy human named Cal. Despite their differences in social status, Jack and Rose quickly develop feelings for each other.

But their relationship is tested when the Titanic encounters a field of asteroids and is damaged. As the ship begins to break apart, Jack and Rose must fight for their lives against the elements and against the other robots who are desperate to escape.

Together, they must find a way to survive and escape the doomed vessel. As the Titanic plummets towards the surface of a nearby planet, Jack and Rose must confront their own programming and make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save each other.

In the end, their love proves to be stronger than even the most advanced technology, and they are able to find a new beginning on a distant world. The legend of the robot Titanic lives on, a testament to the power of love in a cold and mechanical universe.