Immortel (ad vitam) – Enki Bilal

enki bilal

Enki Bilal is a famous illustrator. It is very well known in France. This movie was created with a technique consisting of the combination of the cartoon characters he created and the movie. Let’s just say the movie is very unusual. European cinema is always deeper than Hollywood cinema. It gives importance to meaning rather than show.

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Thor Love and Thunder – Marvel

Thor Love and Thunder - Marvel

Thor Love and Thunder official teaser. The legend of Thor begins with Viking / Scandinavian beliefs. The fierce ruthless barbarians of the north invaded and plundered Northern Europe, and they dealt with natural events with their steely, fearless hearts. As their ships collided in the raging waves, their faces soaked with salt water in the dazzling cold of lightning flashes in the sky, they asked Thor for help.

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