Time Travel on the Web | Archive.org

Time travel machine of the web. Write the name of the site you are wondering, see what it was months and years ago. Exactly… 439 billion web page archives!

Even if it is a closed site now. Actually give up this much of archiving. Considering that the internet consists of billions of pages

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

For example, the first image of Wikipedia is from 2001.

In addition, there is an option to keep the current version of the site on the page that opens.

Let’s say if a web page changes or you want to create a live copy without changing. Here it does. This rare service is a kind of evidence against time. Even if the page changes, the image remains when you take the image.


Then the link for that day appears.
It is also possible to browse through the records taken on the previous and next dates at the top of the page.