We Have to Buy the Earth and Forests!


Forest fires in the world constantly threaten green areas. The destruction of nature continues without listening to the country continent. Private property is the only protected place on earth. We have only one solution left: we must buy all natural areas by establishing global foundations and keeping their foundation structures very tight and in favor of the world from the very beginning.

I came up with this strange idea years ago while staring at dying animals on screens with desperation biting my lips and tearful eyes. Then I realized what happened to many thinkers, that other people had come to the same place before me.

We had to take action from the sanctity of private property, which is the only weak belly of the world law and capitalist system, while the Amazon forests are being consumed rapidly and the world’s lungs are dying, while nature dies not only in underdeveloped countries but also in developed countries where it is tried to be well protected.


Amazon forests meet 20 percent of the world’s oxygen needs. Only since 1970 has it decreased to 80% size. It is not at all doomsday to shrink a system that has lived for thousands of years in just a few decades, and to see a great destruction in 2060 at this rate. Google maps show the loss over the years. But that’s not the point. As you will see in this article , the world’s main source of oxygen is algae and the oceans. The real problem is that burned forests increase the amount of carbon dioxide and the millions of insects, plants and animals living in them will become extinct. The emission of carbon dioxide caused by forest fires also increases global climate change. By an approximate calculation, the amount of carbon held in trees is 210 giga tons.



If someone tries to set fire to your house, if they want to demolish it, public law enforcement will come within minutes. Police, gendarmerie, if the event is big, the famous FBI(!), fire department, ambulances if it is interstate. Because “Justice is the basis of property” for legal systems

“The main cause of tropical deforestation is no secret – large areas continue to be cleared for soy, beef, palm oil, timber and other globally traded commodities.” Frances Seymour, World Resources Institute.

So the solution is clear, when the protection of purchased forests, lands and mountains is private property, it comes under a very strong armor with legal ground. Forest fires do not happen by accident. The land left by the burning of trees is used for tourism and agriculture. The trees that are cut down become timber.

Amazon forests are not the only country. It belongs to Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

It is considered very normal for the owner of private property to protect his property by using technology and manpower.

burning forest

So, if foundations around the world are established, how will they be financed according to this idea?

Jeff Bezos ignored the offer to buy and save the Amazon forests . It seems more about going into space and leaving Earth. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is sacrificing the world? So is Elon Musk. But that’s a very naive point of view. Mars is still a very distant destination for us. The world must be saved.

Crowdfunding seems like the most logical way to go about it. For financial resources that start with examples such as Kickstarter , the model in which the pre-production society increases the quality of daily life by supporting it and benefits from the result is the most logical.

Let’s be more concrete. If an area loses its forest character in a country, these foundations will buy it. He will make it a private park, and people who invest will be able to enter a private park with a small ticket fee. Those who do not invest will enter a little more, but still very reasonable fees. The situation is based on the fact that nature cannot be protected at the moment. Imagine if the Australian government could easily shoot down millions of camels or breeding species with helicopters. Think the jungles of Central America and South America, think of the Chinese states that have been mining coal for bitcoin for years, it has just been intervened, there is a thousand things to be said for Brazil. Even the USA doesn’t seem to be successful enough in wildfires.

Country governments do not allocate enough resources. Technology is used very little. Because the gazelle, bear and wolf burning on the mountain do not have the right to citizenship. When every living thing acquires the right to citizenship, the structure and functioning of this world will be a fair life for a whole organism, as it should be.


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The root of the problem is that the human species thinks that the whole universe exists so that it can consume itself ruthlessly. Just as Ptolemy’s cosmology sees the universe as revolving around the earth, our societies still count only dead people and injured people in a natural disaster. Fish, birds, grasses, pines, fragrant flowers do not have nationality identities.

We Must Buy the World.

What’s the second step? I can hear you say: “What’s the use if we buy it? If a fire breaks out, that area will also be affected?”

It is not actually like that. The armies of drones constantly monitoring the forest areas must be flown. It is temperature sensitive. It even has the equipment to extinguish it quickly if necessary. Other than that, experts in this business will have great options to find when they focus their minds. Foundations in each country may even have their own fighting planes and helicopters.

But remember, the first step starts with the purchase of every piece of nature for those who can afford it. Land should be bought by citizens and foundations. Then nature should be protected. Scientifically, the species required by the ecosystem should be ensured to survive.

Rainforest Trust


Rainforest Trust organization in the world that has started this business .

Likewise, there is the Buy The Amazon site and they explain their purpose on the page below.


Buy The Amazon Ltd (BTA) is a charity founded to protect the Amazon rainforest:

1. To forever purchase legal ownership of the pristine Amazon rainforest, on behalf of all humanity, for the preservation of its biodiversity and indigenous communities.

2. Make charitable donations to rainforest charities that are already doing well in the Amazon basin but need more funding.

3. Educate people about the urgent need to protect all the world’s rainforests.

There are also sites that sell you forests personally. With some kind of real estate logic. However, the right thing is to buy large organizations, not people. To protect it forever.



An example case is the stages to buy forest before a company that will buy and deforest it. Automatic translation is below



The tiraji funny story of a world citizen trying to buy and save a piece of forest



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