Ascending to the Third – Ebook – Self Help Book

What does an adventure with a circle as the protagonist tell? Book.

Can geometry become a story of quest and self-knowledge? A new light on the great adventure that consciousness seeks for who it is. The fun and gripping story is for those who embark on their inner journey.

Ascending to the Third
ISBN NO: 978-605-87015-3-3
Suleyman Sonmez

English Release Date: November 2021
Written Date: December 1993

Translator: İsmail Orhan Postalcioğlu

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Chapter 1
Introduction: Two Dimensions

A circle was born in a two dimensional reality.
All he knew was his corporeity.

“Squares” around him aimed to prepare the circle
– so they named him –
for the new world.
“Look! See? There’s length and there’s width…
Everything here is like this.
We the squares, have our sides coherent,
our sincerity inherent,
we are the shapes of highest integrity…”

He stayed with them for ten light-times.
They taught him how to measure time.
Sometimes, a shimmer would cross their lines.
And it would mean the passage of a light-time.
Squares were proud to have seen it for ten thousand times.

For some reason, he couldn’t settle with squares.
Frankly, there is enough reason if one cares.
When they were happy, they would have their corners joined.
He tried, but he could only touch them with a point
On his circumference.

Squares stopped and stared with averseness.
They called him “Tangent!” with discountenance.
He asked “Why?” with a helpless disturbance.
“Between you and us, there’s a difference.
You see?” they said:
“All we can have with you is tangency!”
He had no idea what that meant.
He felt so miserable and rejected.

“Why am I tangent? Why am I round?
How happy they are as they dance around.
How they get together to make bigger squares!
Why? Why?…”
He decided to leave them and go by as he felt deeply sad and dejected.

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