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Actually, Robotech was released as a cartoon. The story begins with the realization that a spaceship that fell from space belongs to giant creatures.



The technology is solved, the spaceship is repaired, but when it works, the automatic system takes a piece of land and the people on it and flies into space. Those people’s homes are now giant spaceships.

Robots transforming from airplanes to robots, beautiful singer girls, youth excitement and movement, live music.


The part that made me laugh the most was that they put these robot planes in human form among giant aliens and put on a dress. They had saved their friends and put them in their pockets. It was really funny. Get on his site.

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85-episodes series


Step-by-step story




ROBOTECH is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic of humans defending their homeworld against alien domination. The saga is told through the eyes of characters caught up in a series of wars that erupts when a mysterious spacecraft crash-lands on Earth at the turn of the millenium. The secrets of alien knowledge aboard this vessel were unlocked, leading to the development of “Robotechnology” and the creation of a vast arsenal of robotic “mecha” to defend the Earth against the alien threats that would eventually strike to lay claim to the mysterious power source known as “protoculture.”

ROBOTECH has often been called a “space opera” because it is not just action-packed entertainment, but also an engaging drama.

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