Teachertube and DNATube – Education

Sometimes I even use Google Scholar to limit Google searches to universities. (Try Google Scholar, you will enjoy finding secure scholarly sites. ) http://scholar.google.com/

So what are the advantages of Teachertube?

The added video content can be watched in classrooms with a projector and PC/notebook. With the votes given within the system, the rating, which we call rating, makes it easier to identify quality videos. The student can examine it until he/she understands it himself/herself. Dangerous experiments and studies that take time to prepare can be shown quickly. No matter which lesson you watch, it is an exercise for you to learn English and improve your foreign language skills. As you send in your video lessons, a veritable archive is created.

Best of all, brains conditioned to entertainment can be transformed into production. The idea is very good.

Note: He is currently giving videos with scientific content on DNATube.





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