The Boys – Forget the Good Superhero Movies – Amazon Prime

I used to read comics a lot, we would read 10 books a day. We would follow my brother and exchange 20 books with a bag full of books in hand, with today’s “swap trade model” we call swap. I have met a lot of people and read thousands of books like this without spending any money. I was a book merchant!

The heroes Conan, Spider-Man and Superman, whom I love very much, were the people I loved in the beginning. But something was missing. With Ken Parker and Mister No, who were beaten day and night, sometimes successful, I realized what was missing. Realism. This was what was missing. Things wouldn’t be like that in the real world.

Here’s The Boys series is a very extraordinary work where you will experience beyond realism. However, it contains strong violence, gore and 18+ elements.

As the movies of the superheroes were made, DC and Marvel cinematic universes formed. Roles were generally easy to understand and action-based, divided into archetypes of good and bad. The aim is to let everyone from teenage age group laugh at the jokes, get enough of the adventure and not regret the ticket money he gave when he left the cinema (!), Go after him and buy his poster, t-shirt, game, trinket and earn very tangible money from that dream world.

May Iron Man mourn when he dies. By the way, the arms dealer who cries the most, maybe the war criminal is Tony Stark, for some reason this capitalist brother is very popular. Now let’s give the man his due, his natural state is cute. Robert Downey Jr.’s great acting and his ability to get a lion’s share of the profits is also great in this.

I think maybe Lord of War and Nicolas Cage are at the top of the rankings. My favorites among anti superhero movies are “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” starring Will Smith as “Hancock” and Uma Thurman, whom we know from Kill Bill.

Anyway, let’s not distract.

It was the first time I heard about The Boys from Atilla. Yes, Atilla, an illustrator, a special film effects specialist and my old friend that I can talk to. Ancient why? Those who saw the 1980s are now like this.
He said: “Did you get Amazon Prime?”
I said “No” – Actually, I shake my head and say shit. – “What is it? What are you watching?”

“The Boys are nice, for example,” he said. “A world where superheroes actually do all kinds of evil but are always well-known with very strong public relations.”

I stopped. “You’re kidding. This was a great idea. This is pretty crazy. Who wrote this work? ”

He said “The Preacher Preacher – Garth Ennis”

My answer. “Wohaaa! Are you serious? Then he won’t run away.

I am someone who has read the entire 75 books of the Ecclesiastes comic series, dear reader. Have you read 75 books from a single series, I do not know. You must read. There are a lot of comics I’ve read 200 – 300 books. Though, the thickness of the books abroad is different from ours. I watched the series, by the way, it goes through seasons.

So, that evening, I opened an Amazon Prime account with a trial account and started watching The Boys.

Amazon didn’t sponsor this article. It would be nice if it did 🙂
I would make money or a gift would come. It would be great. Dear agencies, enliven me!

Knowing the scum of these superheroes and fighting them falls on the macho male Billy Butcher who looks like he’s going to make love at any moment, and Hughie Campbell, who is full of surprises despite looking like he was created to be a looser, and a black Mother’s Milk. No, I missed  Frenchie and The Female.

I cannot say enjoyable viewing. It is possible to start from your place at any moment and see lots of blood and brutality. But wars and crimes happen like this. We only see heroic stories. Because we are not at the front.

The Boys takes place in a universe where superpowered people are publicly regarded as heroes and owned by the powerful company Vought International, which allows them to be aggressively marketed and monetized. Most of the hero characters are arrogant and immoral. The series mainly focuses on two groups: vigilantes who want to keep corrupt heroes in check and Vought International’s leading superhero team, Seven.

The Boys is run by Billy Butcher, who despises all superpowered people, and is led by the Seven, egoistic and unstable Homelander. As a clash breaks out between the two groups, the series also follows the new members of each team: Hugh “Hughie” Campbell of the Boys and Annie January / Starlight of the Seven, who joined vigilantes after her boyfriend was killed in a high-speed collision by Seven’s A-Train. a young and hopeful female protagonist who has to face the truth about the heroes she is.

I think the rest of this is not going anywhere well. We will understand this as the seasons progress. Just as the Gods in Greek Mythology spent the people of the world and did not leave stone on stone when they got angry, power creates it. Power wants to show itself. And of course tomorrow we see a rehearsal of what happens if we do super humans with CRISPR genetic modification.