Books For Living

Have you ever read a novel about a beautiful world in which you can spend the rest of your life? A life where you could choose to be one of the characters if you could? Books For Living.

Star Trek was not just a TV series, it also consisted of stories made up of short stories. These stories were scripted part by part. In an issue that I can never forget, the story was penetrating people. When they landed on a planet, they found an apocalyptic climate in winter and after a long struggle, they realized that the people living there were not dead, they found the time machine at the top of their civilization and went to a time they chose to live in the past.

All had determined the life they wanted to live over thousands of years of all civilizational histories. While some chose the war-free years, some followed the excitement. Their planet was forgotten, with its silent and snow-filled surface, the ghostly echoes of the voices they left behind. They were sent in a way that could not explain future technologies with a medical method and best adapted to where they were going. It was accepted that they could not change the timeline.

I don’t know, have you ever thought about it? If you could, when and where would you go? The exciting thing is that it’s not like in the movies. Their speech and their way of thinking and perception planes were different. Maybe when you go, you may have to experience an age that you will never understand. It’s a one-way travel ticket.

The issue of the book you want to live in met us in some books. For Example, Sofie’s World, Ink Heart and Never Ending Story. In general, the events that are told on a fantastic plane are caused by the writers seeing themselves as small creators.

Likewise, the movie ” Stranger than Fiction “, shot a few years ago, offered us the idea of ​​what if we are all heroes of a novel and our lives are being written. In fact, this is a slightly more literal version of the universe view that is the result of the Creator and his imagination. But think about it, think about it, if you had such an opportunity…

Which book would you like to live in the world described in its pages?

If a psychologist heard this question and saw that you are in heavy demand, he would draw a surprising conclusion. He could argue that you have a tendency to escape from life, that you are about to break out of the plane of reality, or that you are even suicidal.

The interesting thing is that the readers of the book make holes in the unshakable reality of the cruel world, thanks to alternative worlds and life stories. Through these holes, they take probabilities into their mental world. A man without imagination is basically like a magician without magical abilities. Man lives as long as he dreams.


Well, back to the question, we saw that it is no longer a simple question. A novel in which a person wants to spend not a short time but the rest of his life must have been written with extraordinary beauty, right?

Remember that key scene of The Matrix, if he takes one extended pill, he will wake up and if he drinks the other he will see how deep the rabbit’s nest is (what a cute analogy, with the down flight at the entrance of Alice in Wonderland, he wakes up from the incubator where Neo was suddenly put to sleep by the robots and comes out of a hole. throwing it down shows a funny resemblance)

Like this question. How suitable the world reality is to you, how happy is the role you take in life, and what do you bring to life? Or do you live with the taste of Mario collecting bonuses for this miracle called life by capturing what you cannot have in a restless and unsatisfied life one by one?

Let’s get back to the question. I’m wondering about this right now. You my dear reader (I don’t want to dare to say you, the Prince of England Wales have not given me the title of Lord yet) yes, my dear reader, which book did you choose? I know that when you started reading this article, the name of that book came to your mind. An ideal life. I’m curious, what’s the name of this book? What time does it take, what genre is it, is it an adventure, a detective, or is it a wonderful love story with sweet words?

Dare to think. If you could be in that book right now and break away from the fanfare of this world, which book would you choose?

One last thing. Did you read the end of the book? Are you a solider or are you brave enough to experience an adventure that you don’t know the end of?

After writing this article, it occurred to me why I did not search on the web. I said that someone must have written to live in a book before me, and thus the following part of the article was formed.

A survey was conducted “Which fictional universe would you want to live in? / Which fictional universe would you like to live in?)


I guess only teenagers and children should be reading books now that Harry Potter is by far. There is even an article like this. He explained why he wanted to live in the Harry Potter books.

On this page , adults have told which book they chose and why.