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There have been periods in history when humanity was shaken and in danger of extinction, and scientists describe periods when all humanity decreased to a few thousand people. In the universe where we are looking for life, we have been sending probes into space for years and looking through telescopes. What we understand is that intelligent life can be very rare and yet fragile. Whatever happens, we must reflect on our unwavering foresight that our species will inevitably continue. Maybe the real significance of the movie “Don’t Look Up” is here. You will find a very detailed review in this article.

First, “Did you watch the movie?” Let me ask. If you haven’t watched it, take a break from reading and spend a few hours on this and come back. This article contains a lot of content, comments, technology that spoilers about the movie.

The movie is a Netflix production. The cast are famous and powerful character actors. Director and screen adaptor Adam McKay, screenplay by David Sirota. Let’s take a quick look at the imprint:


“Don’t Look Up” Actors 2021 – “Don’t Look Up”

Leonardo DiCaprio (Dr. Randall Mindy), Jennifer Lawrence (Kate Dibiasky), Meryl Streep (President Orlean), Cate Blanchett (Brie Evantee), Rob Morgan(Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe), Jonah Hill(Jason Orlean), Mark Rylance(Peter) Isherwell), Tyler Perry (Jack Bremmer), Timothée Chalamet (Yule), Ron Perlman (Benedict Drask) and Ariana Grande (Riley Bina)

Leonardo has great credit with everyone. We can’t appreciate her performance in “Titanic” and the countless films that followed. At some points in the movie, he puts on an amazing acting that shakes people. Where he shouts the truth, you realize that he is speaking to the audience.

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Plot of the Movie “Don’t Look Up”

The movie begins with the understanding that a very large asteroid will directly hit the earth. (Comet is predominantly chosen. If you say, “What is the difference between them, not meteorite or meteor?” , and their locations are the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, the ice contained by the comets gives the appearance of a tail at the back.

The possible collision is detected by an Astronomical (not astrological) telescopic observation, which can be called a coincidence. Authorities are informed. Doctorate student Kate and her teacher Dr. Randall tries to explain this event by giving an example of the object that wiped out the dinosaurs from the earth. An incoming “planetary killer”. Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction eventa likeness. In other words, it is nothing like this: It goes to the ocean, to China, to Europe, and those places are devastated. Americans watch with sadness from afar and help  Wherever it falls, it causes destruction on a world scale. In the publications I have read, it is explained that the cause of destruction is not only tectonic movements, but also that the sky gets dark because the daylight cannot reach the ground as a result of the shield dust covering the atmosphere, the plants die first because they cannot photosynthesize, then the herbivores that feed on them and then the carnivores that feed on herbivores go to extinction.

How to describe a disaster of this level? Did you ask yourself? While watching the movie, did you say, “I would have done this, I would have told it like this”?

Come out with conclusive proof and say, “Hey guys! If you say “You have 6 months left to live”, humanity’s “fight or flight” primitive instincts come into play. “Let’s destroy this incoming meteor or run away, if not, let’s hide. To where? Let’s escape a hole in the backyard and make a shelter(!)”

Well, the ordinary citizen can’t handle this job. The crisis is much more shocking for people who have nothing to do about something and cannot be involved in the solution. You can see more hope and self-control in people who think they are in the solution.

For humanity, who sees that there is no future to live, a great psychological change remains. The emergence of the animal nature within us is triggered by fear. Those who run the society think that the process will go like this:
“If I am certain that I will die, I must do what I have always wanted to do, which I have stopped until now because I was afraid of going to prison, in order to control myself and be a good person. I should try what I want to experience, loot and steal what I want to have if it is expensive, sell everything I have and travel the world right away, say what I can’t say, repent immediately if I believe in God and prepare for the next world, eat, drink, make love, get depressed, die, kill and do these things quickly ”

Do we really have to do this? We have seen these in almost every movie, we have watched people doing these in almost every major disaster. What is stealing a big-screen TV or game console while a disaster strikes, right?

Do you believe that we are a species that will face the approaching death calmly and to the last moment with maturity and even greater love? I think we are. But the number of people in this mind is not high enough.

I’m giving the award for the most amazing moments of the movie to our heroes who chose to leave the world -not by ship(!)- while having dinner in the warm atmosphere of a house, chatting with their friends and loved ones when the meteor hits and absolute death is coming.

Don’t Look Up Ending Scene

Great Tips from the Movie Don’t Look Up


There is a great saying in the movie. For the two scientists, the existence of asteroids they saw in radio telescopes was completely certain. (I can’t help but salute NASA James Webb telescope here. Although only 400 years have passed in the hundreds of thousands of years of human history since Galileo_Galilei , the great triumph of science )

But human beings believe in what is happening in their current reality. While driving through the city at night, DiCaprio aka Dr. Randall Mindy gets out of the car and points with his tail at the asteroid, whose light is now visible from earth.
“Here it is, you can see it, we have been trying to explain it for months,” he says.

Throughout history, scientists have always consisted of intelligent people. The common feature of intelligent people is that they can imagine the developments of the systems step by step, and base these dreams on calculations on very strong proofs so that these dreams are not personal opinions. Especially the best in the field working hard to refute these theses. Little is known how much scientists struggle with each other in society. It is believed that when an idea comes up, everyone says “bravo” and pats that person on the back and applauds. In other words, their colleagues do a thousand times the things that ordinary citizens wonder about and suspect, to that scientist, observation and experiment. In the movie, academics from other universities again verify the findings about the asteroid by making observations and calculations from the beginning.

What does this crucial part of the work tell us? The climate crisis is the most real threat to the world right now. There are thousands of scientists from all over the world who say this, and satellite observations, countless scientific evidence. But man, for some reason, cannot grasp it directly. Thousands of publications are being made, it is said that even a temperature increase of one or two degrees will affect it, it is said that carbon emissions should be reduced. While the world states are making the Paris and Kyoto climate agreements to appear to be doing something , they are actually making climate decisions that are constantly postponed to a later date.

“The long-term temperature target of the Paris Agreement is to limit global average temperature rise to 2 °C (3.6 °F) increase from pre-industrial levels, and even 1.5 °C is an effort.” Wikipedia Environmental Treaties Clauses

Just when everyone was saying “ok”, at the last moment, India and China are asking for additional time to burn some more coal. Biden signed the necessary signatures on the first day he took office for climate change, which he does not believe to be signed by the Trump administration. The transition to electric vehicles in European countries is not fast enough. In developing countries, the use of renewable energy sources is low, the Amazon forests are burning madly, forests are being burned all over the world.


Today, being a journalist and reporter all over the world is more difficult than before, the media giants and news sources they work in are involved in the politics of big cartels and states. The parties have agreements. Even in developed countries, there is a hunt for people who leak information that will shake the world. See. Julian Assange
The news of an asteroid that will hit the world in the movie is overshadowed by the news of a famous singer’s reunion with his lover, the rating is low and it does not attract attention. The fact that he was put a bag on his head and brought in line shows what news we have never heard for years.


In recent years, we have seen perhaps the most insignificant times in politics. A generation or two ago, even in the midst of wars, governments based on intelligence, science and culture, whose speeches are listened to with admiration even today, fell into undeserved hands with elements such as populism, extreme nationalism and media power. While watching the movie, I guess every citizen of the country thought of the president of their own country.

As you can imagine, Trump and his relatives are caricatured in this movie. Not giving the job to the competent, just bringing political votes to the fore, imposing Post-truth unreality by saying that there is no such thing even when the comet is visible in the sky, is the service of every opportunity of the state, even the secret service, for personal purposes. It is truly a scandal. All of these, in fact, the absence of absolute peace despite the resources at hand, the wealth piled up in the arms industry, unfinished hunger, income inequality, this state of the world is entirely due to the existence of people who protect their own interests.

The saddest part is this: the people, who were first left unemployed and impoverished, are turned into supporters by the owners of huge wealth in exchange for a small benefit. Mining meteors from a comet opens up jobs.


“Intergalactic existence for the human race!”

A mix of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, the brilliant entrepreneur ultra-rich, striving to save humanity in the role of the architect of technology, Mark Rylance (Peter Isherwell) is on Facebook scandals, observing the private life of every person for his own company interests https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Cambridge_Analytica is someone who does the manipulations we’ve learned.

Meteor mining is not a silly subject. The movie casts some shadows on this issue. Don’t let it stay that way in your mind. It’s really important. But it doesn’t have to be done for a celestial body hitting the earth(!)

Considering their constant self-confidence and the failure of at least one of their death predictions, it is thought-provoking that large vehicle losses occur during each launch and mission.

We get excited when Elon Musk says we’re going to Mars today. Perhaps the real question is how many people will go, what will happen to those who remain and to this world.

Additionally, lacking in the entire film was the lack of a worldwide organized and auditable action plan.


It comes to mind when toilet paper is consumed to the last with the pandemic, people fight with each other, and canned food, batteries, medicine and flour are piled up in houses in times of disaster, right?

The purchase of a shovel is a great example of the metaphor of burying our heads in the sand. To think that he can get away with the shelter he will dig in his garden.

I appreciate ants and bees on this one. When a threat—be it a living or a natural phenomenon—reaches their habitat, they can all engage in organizations and behaviors that transcend them for the survival of the majority and species. They can warm and sacrifice themselves to increase the ambient temperature and kill the killer wild bees, or they can bite and clamp each other in the form of rafts to pass the water.


Isn’t it great that the General’s already free water and snacks are for sale while they wait for three scientists to speak at the White House? Even not giving change and receiving 20 dollars instead of 10(!) It tells two things:
One; people think of their own interests even if the world goes down. Even at that moment, they do not let go of their corrupted habits.

The second and most striking thing is this: Months passed by, scientist Jennifer Lawrence (Kate Dibiasky) was lying next to her lover, looking up at the sky and describing this event. Being subjected to injustice in human psychology is a cause of great anger, even in animal experiments, animals that are not given equal food or are given worse feed seem to rebel.

This is very thought provoking. When we say that this person has corrupted and harmed the state so much, we perceive it as someone else’s problem, but we get angry when even a coin is taken from our pocket. This is the bug in our algorithm. Look after your own interests that prevent us from acting together, mind your own business, the thought of losing it. In the big picture, this is what prevents all societies from getting richer and accessing resources. We do not see the one who carries the camel with his hamud, and we do not feel the same sense of injustice and anger towards him.
For this, everyone but everyone should be given their salary and income uninterruptedly, and then the money that should be deducted from there should be transferred to the bank with his own hand to the tax account. This process cannot be done automatically, it must be done manually. See how the taxes started to be used in logical places. How developed countries, especially developing ones.


The asteroid that brought the end of the dinosaurs crashed into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago, and when it was 10 kilometers wide, the 180 km diameter Chicxulub Crater was formed.


Movie Through the Eyes of an Astronomer


What If You Have A Trillion Dollars, If You Die By A Slamming Comet?


The image above shows the movement of everything considered important around Earth.
NASA is trying to deal with this with the DART project.

Planetary Defense

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