The Best Dictation Apps and Websites – Speech to Text 2022 – Free Windows, iOS, Android

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There are very good solutions for dictation, translating speech and audio recording into text. Sometimes we want it to be written right as we speak, sometimes we need to make a transcript of a pre-recorded audio file. Here are the free and paid solutions you are looking for to convert audio to text, dictation

I will explain simply and briefly.

Instant Voice-to-Text with Google. (Free)

Google Speech (without using Google Drive)
Language should be selected at the bottom.
It must be allowed when accessing the microphone.
You say, he writes. When you’re done, you can make copies and paste them into notepad, Word, e-mail, Google Doc. Your device must have a microphone. It can also be used with the phone.

Google Drive / Google Docs (Free)

A Gmail account is required. Go to htps:// .
Open a new blank document.
Start Voice Typing from the Tools menu.
It must be allowed when accessing the microphone.
Click the microphone icon.
It is used in two ways, either you speak at that moment, it writes, or you start playing the previously made recording on another device, you put it at a distance that the microphone can detect, and it converts what you hear there into text. Example scenario: Have the voice recording on the phone. This feature is opened with Google Docs on the computer and the voice recording is played on the mobile phone. Of course, in this case, if the recording is two hours, both screens should stay on and no one else should be talking in the room. Yes, there are easier ways. Let’s keep reading.


It is a paid and high quality service preferred by many famous companies. We said it is paid, but most of the time this means a reasonable payment. Various packages are available. It has support for many languages. Emotions can be chosen for different people, for some people. From the standard section. It has a speed setting. You can try it by clicking the link below, try it and buy it if you like it. 



Free for the first 15 minutes, longer registrations charge.

Price Chart

Sound recordings are used to include the time given by becoming a member and paying. The file is being downloaded. So no waiting hours for recording.



When you enter the web address, microphone access is immediately opened and the spoken words are written instantly. Then what is written here is copied.

This service has a nice feature. Let’s say you want to give punctuation marks. In the table below, “comma” “new line” “question mark” etc. understands orders

Sign commands




You have the audio recording in an MP3 or a different audio format. You want to convert it to free text on computer. The professional way around this is the following program that creates a virtual cable. Thus, when that sound recording is played, the computer converts that sound recording into text without receiving external sounds. Below is the explanation. A great solution.