Children of Men

Children of Men. In the first few minutes of the movie, we feel that we are dealing with a quality production. We start watching with the feeling that a deep criticism of humanity will come. Adapted from the novel by PD James, the main axis of the film, as you can see, is that in a world where babies are no longer born, people lose their meaning day by day and do not know what to live for. In a world where not a single baby has been born for nineteen years, anarchy, turmoil, wars, migration, not understanding the other, and continuing to fight, gradually diminishing and dying altogether.


The script, however, proceeds in a very natural, striking and human way thanks to our heroes (Theo, Jullian, Kee, Jasper). Don’t expect extraordinary fight scenes or miracles. Although it takes place in the future, it is familiar to everything because it is the near future. There are just a few innovations. Even this is shocking, in a world without children and youth, even technological development has stalled. Only people’s moods are strikingly penetrating. Bombs exploding at any moment, groups fighting for their ideas and living spaces, fearful citizens whose even the smallest freedom has been reduced to zero by saying “We are protecting you”, and refugees who are constantly sent to camps.

I can say that the place where I was most impressed in the movie was the school, which turned into an abandoned and run-down building because there were no children anymore. Torn rows and empty playing fields. Then the heartbreaking question fell from my tongue. What is the world without a child’s smile?

When we examine the movie, I think the scenario is based on real fears. Especially considering that the events took place in England. Despite falling birth rates in Europe, rising illegal immigrants, ghettos that gradually become ghettos as a result of a rational immigration policy as in France, and increasing violence, the social security system that signals collapse at any moment with the presence of retirees rather than the working population, and the ever-increasing a quiet uneasy thought “ Are we going to go extinct? Will we finish? The Western civilization as we know it will collapse and will they replace us ?


Worth considering to watch. The supplement to the movie is as long as the movie and very full. Philosophers all over the world describe contemporary human problems. Especially the gentleman who spoke English with a Russian accent was extremely striking🙂

I ask those who have watched the movie not to make the main subject feel at all, as I did while writing comments. I talked a lot, but I hid the topic.
This will come as a surprise to those who will watch. By the way, Michael Caine is a terribly changed type with long hair.🙂

Clive Owen – Theo Faron , Julianne Moore – Julian Taylor, Michael Caine – Jasper Palmer, Chiwetel Ejiofor – Luke, Charlie Hunnam – Patrick, Claire-Hope Ashitey – Kee, Pam Ferris – Miriam, Danny Huston – Nigel, Peter Mullan – South, Jacek Koman – Tomasz





Award Category Recipient Result
Academy Awards Best Adapted Screenplay Alfonso Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David ArataMark Fergus & Hawk Ostby Nominated
Best Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Nominated
Best Editing Alfonso Cuarón and Álex Rodríguez Nominated
BAFTA Awards Best Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Won
Best Production Design Jim Clay, Geoffrey Kirkland, and Jennifer Williams Won
Best Special Visual Effects Frazer Churchill, Tim WebberMike Eames, and Paul Corbould Nominated
American Society of Cinematographers Best Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Won
Australian Cinematographers Society International Award for Cinematography Won
Hugo Awards Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form Alfonso Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David ArataMark Fergus, Hawk OstbyP.D. James Nominated
Saturn Awards Best Science Fiction Film Won
Best Director Alfonso Cuarón Nominated
Best Actor Clive Owen Nominated