How do You Record Very Sharp and Realistic Video With Phone? 60 fps 90 fps 120 fps

Some videos on Youtube have a super sharpness, don’t they? This is not only because the video is in HD 1080p or 4K quality. There is a recording option known to the masters. It’s called 60fps, 90fps, 120 fps… You will need to make a few free settings in order for the memories you captured from your mobile phone and camera to be vivid and wonderful after many years.

First, let’s give mobile phone settings to those in a hurry. Then let’s show those who are curious and have the time to learn what the event is.

Dear friends, of course, turning on 60 fps shooting mode on your mobile phone is different for Android or iPhone. I explain one by one below.

60fs Setting for iPhone Phones

Setting video for iPhone (Settings menu / Photos & camera / then Record video 60 fps)


60fs Setting for Android Phones
(When the camera is on, enter the settings / gear icon. In the “Video size” submenu, the highest resolution setting of 60 fps is selected.)



That’s it. Now the videos you record will be more fluid.


Cinema technology displays photos in rapid succession, and the human brain perceives it as moving as successive frames get faster. Films that used to be recorded on plastic film rolls later turned into data on hard disks with the advent of digital technology.

As the number of consecutive frames on the screen increases in one second, the image appears more uninterrupted.


The number of frames per second is called fps. (Frame per second)

If we look at Youtube videos, we see that they are usually sent at 24fps, 30fps. If the video is shot and sent at 60fps, the view will be great if the viewer has chosen the best settings.

Let’s start our adventure by going to this site. Very good educational site. When the site is opened, you can play with the settings of the 3 objects above.

Important Note: Enter the settings section of the video below (with the Gear icon), select the 720p60HD setting and then watch. Before watching all the videos in this article, you should choose the 60fps setting and watch the difference to see the difference.

When they saw TVs like Samsung and LG in stores, they said, “Oh, how clear!” Now you know the secret of not being clear when you come home. 60fps exclusive HDR videos are shown on the screens in the store. However, when our broadcasts are not 60fps and not 4K…

The demo below should be watched in UHD video at 4K and 60fps settings.


Famous directors know very well how much 60fps affects people and increases the sense of reality in cinema.

In particular, Peter Jackson used it while shooting “The Hobbit” and James Camaron in the movie “Avatar”.

The first movie in the history of cinema to use 60 fps is Brainstrom (1983)




If your device’s processor power is enough, watch it.🙂

24, 30 and 60 FPS DIFFERENCE

In order to be able to watch 60 FPS, all recording and viewing devices must also be 60 fps compatible. 60fps is not selected on some devices.

30 vs 60 FPS


One of the nice things about 60fps, 90fps, 120fps recording is that the image doesn’t get distorted when you slow down fast moving bees, birds, cars, marbles.
This is how slow motion images are obtained. The results of the shots made with special cameras that can shoot 10,000 fps per second are also great. I also recommend subscribing to the channel below. There are lots of fun slow motion examples.

That’s why 60, 90 and 120 fps stand out in action cameras for extreme sports like the GoPro. The sharpness is very good when viewed at 1080p and 60fps below.

Higher framerates are obtained when a combination of screen and video card that will not tire the eyes is sought for games.

What is the situation when shooting with a DSLR camera?





ROLLER COASTER Lots of screaming and excitement🙂


That’s it from me. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment.