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Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions

Leonardo da Vinci may have been the greatest innovator of all time, but he had little impact on the technology of his time. Learn more about these mechanical marvels that never existed.

He drew sketches and pictures of his ideas, however both misplaced fascination with developing them or became in no way in a function to steer any of his wealthy purchasers to fund the constructing of his designs.

The Renaissance Man
Leonardo is taken into consideration the closing Renaissance man — with passions spanning geology, geometry, astronomy, mathematics, botany, pyrotechnics, optics, and zoology.

Ahead of Time Da Vinci’s designs have been spectacularly in advance of his time. If they were built, they could have revolutionized the records of technology, aleven though a lot of them may also were not possible to construct with the equipment to be had withinside the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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