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People of all religions pray to the God they believe in, by the name of their religion. is a URL / Web address shortening system. Let’s look at interesting sites on

What is

For example, you have a long website URL. Instead, you can produce the short.

Let’s say the link is:

You can convert to

you shorten as

With the .
In this case, you can present it easily remembered. It is easier for the person to write when you print it out and use it in a book. Social media platforms like Twitter are already shortening long links in their own way.
Well, if the technical part is understood now, can I move on to the main subject? 🙂
I was curious and started running this shortening service in reverse.

Yes, FIRST NAME “GOD” / Christianity 2016 04 21 09 52 27 960x304 1 Searching for God on

When I wrote ” “, I thought the long version of the address would be a site like the Vatican. appeared before me. So there is a Christian cleric in Washington who is good with the Internet? Sorry Vatican…


This is of course sad. It is not pleasant for believers not to respect their values. At least could reserve those words. .com 2016 04 21 09 55 33 960x329 1 Searching for God on

When “ ” is written and going to the address,
the following address comes first:

The article says sorry you are too late. The vehicle has been sold or removed from the database.
I’m not sure if they do it on purpose, but I repeat, it’s not nice.


When I type “ ” and search for
it, an interesting way is the Udemy online training course. Isn’t it strange? 

FOURTH NAME BUDDHA / Buddhism 2016 04 21 10 08 52 960x668 1 Searching for God on

When I searched for ” “, a site appeared.
Not the Dalai Lama as we expected.

FIFTH NAME BRAHMA / Hindu .in 2016 04 21 10 15 26 960x479 1 Searching for God on

When you search with ” “, it says the page was not found first and then it directs you to the institute page.

Of course, there are too many Gods in Hindu beliefs, it is not like it will end up looking one by one. (Those who are curious can look at )

Another example is Vishnu “ ”
posting to a Google group:!forum/apecmechguys

SIXTH NAME ZEUS / Mythology 2016 04 21 10 10 58 Searching for God on

When I searched for this name from ” ” mythology, I went to a page that did not open again.


atheism 960x811 1 Searching for God on

When you search for ” “, we get a TED talk.


FINALLY UNRELATED BUT THE NAME IS “A” the type of my opening. 🙂

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