Speed ​​Reading Techniques

I have had a desire to read books quickly and with understanding for years. Even if I was able to read a book every day as a child, I calculated that in an average life span of 70 years, I could read 70×365= 25,550 books. At that time I had read all the books in the children’s library. Sadness overwhelmed me. There were millions of amazing books in the world. Moreover, while reading a book every day was a goal I could achieve as a child (books were thinner and free time was more), as I grew up, even an intellectual person, when it comes to work, family, has come a long way when he reaches the wealth of reading 3000 5000 books. Speed ​​Reading Techniques

Like everyone else, I wanted to read fast. I got faster by first reading aloud, then by reading quickly, then by just following the line without using a finger or pen. Comprehension did not decrease as this reading speed increased. To read; If you do not have an eye disease, it is a great activity in terms of muscle training, mind training, and concentration.

During my high school years, I was skeptical of speed reading techniques. Reading hundreds, thousands of words per minute? Most of my friends and even teachers and elders I talked to said, “It doesn’t read like that, people don’t understand what they read, but it works when looking for a name on the list.”

That didn’t brake me. I learned interesting things while continuing to work. The human eye did not go in a straight line. First it detects the edges of the page, finds the edges of the line, goes back and forth over words in fractions of a second, identifying the same word images over and over again. When the eye is done, our inner voice transforms every word it sees into sound.

Well, at what speed can a human speak the most? There may be people who can speak very quickly, possibly with a high level of intelligence.

But I left it aside. Is it possible to read without converting to audio? I’m not saying the name of everything I see when I look out the window. I’m not saying it’s a car, sun, clouds, tree, kid etc. I understand what they are though. So I tried to recognize the words on the page of the book.


fast read

At the same time, I was following eye exercises. These; it’s like scanning the page in the form of the letter Z, focusing on the middle of the line and going all the way down from top to bottom.

In this way, the trainings allowed me to read hundreds of pages every day while doing research for technical readings and articles I will write English on web pages.
On the other hand, I accepted to convert the special novels and philosophy books that I had cooked inside me by thinking about it to sound and lower speed.

After this introduction, I would like to give you various applications and links.

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