What is We? What is The Scope of What You Call “We”?


What is the diameter of that “we” when you say “we”? Your favorite football team? Is it your family? Is it your company? You and your lover? You and your friends? Are they of the same nationality as you? The entire human family? All living things? Galaxy with all its living and non-living things? Or is it the universe?

“Emotional intelligence (EQ) depends on mirror neurons ,” say neurologists, brain specialists. To what extent a person can reproduce and imitate the emotional field of the other in his own brain, he can share in the joy and sadness of the other. When he is hurt, it hurts, when he is happy, he is happy.

This is the most important feature of the people who are remembered with respect in the corners of human history. People who have a strong responsibility in their own emotional areas to solve a problematic emotion or need area in the emotional flow of the whole society. People who are interested in another person and who have an ideal for him to live better sometimes have done things like this, sometimes like that. But the first thing they did was to describe a WE .

This “us” is sometimes left-handed, sometimes black-skinned, sometimes pariahs of a miserable life working in ports, sometimes a handful of “nobles”, sometimes elite countries holding nuclear power, sometimes members of that race, sometimes those who believe in that religion. had happened.

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Whenever WE formed, everyone else became the others, whether they wanted to or not. These others, too, had to become “counter-WE” in order not to be swallowed up. So there were wars, so there were deaths, blood and tears, and being “us” and destroying the other was exalted.

It is based on the greatness, permanence, and love of a worldview. The WE of life views that include love is very broad. It includes you, me, and him. It includes not only humans, but every living thing worthy of respect. The basic premise of this love is sometimes faith in God and respect for his beings, sometimes a strong sense of humanism, sometimes an idea of ​​civilization, and sometimes doing otherwise will permanently collapse the ecosystem.

When a thought says “WE”, I examine the WE of the person. The bigger the WE, the bigger the person.

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Well, let’s come to a fascinating place. Could there be a common consciousness that existed before the human species, which we did not create with our field of thought, and perhaps will exist even if we did not exist, a WE that includes all living things just because it exists?

Such a broad concept of WE describes a superorganism. It is a state of consciousness that includes materials that are now considered inanimate. It encompasses the entire universe, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, its mathematical physical layers, all forms of energy, and living forms that we can and cannot imagine.

When a being in this consciousness speaks, the whole universe actually speaks. When he does an action, the whole universe does it. Such a creature will be a being that acts in every way for the principles of the universe and for the benefit of the general public.

Of course, this definition of WE identified with eternity is not the invention of the author of these lines. 🙂Thousands of saints, philosophers and scientists have made the same deduction for thousands of years. Some even said that they experienced this state of consciousness. The state of UNITY, Gaia theory , Fenafillah , Unity of Body, Satori, Nirvana, Mass Common Subconscious and many more…

Remember the call of the scriptures: they went astray, they were in a state of “break from the whole”. And the call is made in every system. JOIN US.

Now I’m asking you this question that is questioning you. You ‘re going to be cornered, but what to do 🙂It was time for me to ask that question.

WHERE DOES WHAT YOU SAY “WE” BEGIN AND END? My Master, What is The Scope of What You Call “we”?

earth What is We? What is The Scope of What You Call "We"? GAIA, human, İnsan, life, love, Mindfulness, philosophy, universe, US, we, yaşam
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