Armada – Ernest Cline – From the Author of Ready Player One

The concept of the metaverse attracts tremendous attention. Those who watched the movie “Start: Ready Player One”, which is the king of this concept, asked, “Who wrote this wonderful work?” When they searched for it, they found Ernest Cline and his novel. Be sure to read the book, because very detailed ideas that are not included in the movie are bombarded in the book. Of course, this is not the only book written by this genius author, the novel “Armada” brings to mind a completely different subject. Keywords: gamers and alien invasion.

When you read Ernest Cline’s books, all the works of that subculture come before you masterfully. If you’ve watched those movies, played those games, and seen that celebrity in some way, you love references to jokes.

In general, the books flow quickly, it is very easy to read, you cannot understand how it ended. I have read the Armada novel in its hardcover version. The book is very stylish as it is. Its colors and print quality contribute to the pleasure of reading.


Shall we go over the subtopics that you will understand right at the beginning of the book without spoiling your reading pleasure? Once our hero is a teenager in High School, his name is Zack Lightman , and his nickname in school is “ZACK ATTACK” (!)

People smile as soon as they hear the nickname of their friends. “How did he deserve that name?” You say, and we find basically a good young man who can’t be indifferent to the plight of the bullied children.

Of course, attempting to solve problems with violence is not well received in school or society. Yes, people are afraid of you and they know you are right, but that label sticks to you. It’s not good in the long run. Anyway, you are guilty.


They have a modest life with their nurse mother. They live in the United States a little later than today. His father is sadly not alive. While working in the city’s waste system, he burns to death after a major accident. This is a factor in his loneliness since childhood, he examines the belongings and memories of his father almost every day in his own room. He’s reading his father’s notes on conspiracy theories. He makes his own playlists with modern applications such as Spotify, which he used to make mixed playlists on tape cassettes. This is how the father tries to satisfy his longing. She has a couple of boyfriends and no siblings. He also has a girlfriend, but we hardly notice his presence throughout the novel.

Because Zack spends most of his time in the game world with his virtual reality headset and equipment. He spends time with his boss and another gamer friend at the game center he goes to when he leaves school. Not only that, Zack is really good at playing games. It enters the world charts. He successfully completes the missions in the game, which has a very detailed scenario in the alien invasion.

He inflicts heavy damage on the enemy, especially with the drone warships he uses in games such as Armada and Terra Firma.


Of course, as in every family, his mother wants him to quit playing all-time and at least go to university and earn a living so that he can get a job coding or designing games. He doesn’t want his only son to grow old and hide from life in the playground.

Of course, don’t mind me telling it so simply, if the story went like this, the book would probably sell 50 copies, but it’s not like that.

He understands that aliens have indeed invaded and that young people from every country fighting in virtual reality meta-universes are actually the world’s best pilots in remotely controlled spaceship operation, and are called upon for their skills that surpass even professional pilots in the armies.

Pretty fun isn’t it? You know, the idea of ​​child soldiers was also discussed in the movie Ender’s Game and in his book. There is a lot of focus on this topic. It is always said that when you are in front of a very smart and uncertain alien war, the best thing to do is to use young people whose brains are not restricted and who will develop strategies that the enemy will not know what to do. There are even competitions. 5th graders compete against adults.

I leave you alone with the book. I don’t think it’s a great masterpiece. So it’s not like the first book, but it contains a lot of interesting ideas. It offers a very different view, especially for war madness.

According to general culture, shouldn’t the hero always shoot and kill and save the world? What a terrible view indeed! We watched hundreds of such movies and we got used to it. Billions of young people are slaughtering every day just because they don’t really die in computer games, aren’t they?

Couldn’t the problems be solved otherwise? This question, which was first asked in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, showed an approach to the problem without fighting without beating the heroes.

I hope there are more such examples. The world doesn’t need any more wars. It needs people who take care of each other and the planet.



ERNEST CLINE is an internationally best-selling novelist, screenwriter, dad and full-time geek. He is the author of the novels Ready Player One and Armada and co-wrote the film adaptation of Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg.

His books have been published in more than fifty countries and remained on The New York Times Best Sellers list for more than 100 weeks. His family lives in Austin, Texas, with a time-traveling DeLorean and an extensive collection of classic video games.