Would You Like to Code Westworld Robots?

Westworld is one of the most talked about science fiction series in recent years. At the time of writing, the IMDB score was 8.6. If we talk about the series briefly; It is possible to be a cowboy in the 1800s of America with advanced Westworld robots in a playground theme park. You live in an atmosphere like in western movies and you can do anything you want to robots. Of course, when a person does not restrain himself by nature, he can turn into something terrible. Therefore, the series contains violence and sexuality and is not suitable for children.


I wanted to give basic commands to those who want to program the robots in Westworld, accompanied by screenshots.

Knowing how to code means being happy to be able to understand a robot’s program.

A few screenshots from the sci-fi series Westworld.

Seeing the robot’s source code is like seeing the source code of a web page, but it’s more complicated. It can only be opened with the touch of an authorized programmer.
We see the operating system called DELOS.


While the left side of the source code allows us to look at the code in general, the functions can be seen enlarged on the right.


At the top, there is the Host No: AC50000487105 charge status and various indicators.
The reading of the code is accelerated by a display close to the flow diagram on the right.

Tips for understanding the codes:

Script OVERRIDE FUNCTION cancels the previously defined command and continues a new program for execution.
Host.Function[Execute] commands the selected host host robot to execute the commands in the function.

<-script type=”WW//libs/hidden/W.Arnold/1.19.3.dat” -> <-script->

Our hero runs a script by extracting certain data from the code library of the programmer Arnold, which is also in the hidden folder.

In addition, the names given to other functions are below.

Reading the codes below can give information about the subject. Recommended to watch and read.

ESCAPE  — Escape

DECEIVE  — Deceive — Deceive — Betray

BYPASS  — Bypassing, Finding a Second Way

ENFORCE  — Forcing, Promise

OVERRIDE-SLEEP  — Rewrite Sleep Mode

EXIT-PARK  — Park Escape

EXIT-WW  — Escape from Westworld

TRAIN  — Destination Train — For the journey arrival mode on command, the system target Trense to do is used as….
if destination.mode==system.Target(“TRAIN”……

INFILTRATE  — Infiltration


DECEIVE  — Deceive — Deceive — Betray

COERCE  — Forcing — Repressing — Obliging

RECRUIT  — Gather strength, enlist, recruit

MAINLAND INFILTRATION  — Infiltrating the mainland

By the way, the interface is so beautifully designed that I’m sure many coder friends have fainted. 🙂

I am attaching the other screenshots below for you to review.

What about our decisions, how much are ours?


Here, the system displays the selection behavior of the speech artificial intelligence. The robot speaks and the selected sentence tree is instantly displayed.


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