The Mandalorian – The Star Wars Spirit Lives!

One of the most colorful characters in the Star Wars series is Mandalorian, a warrior. But he’s not the only one who makes the series popular, Baby Yoda is really cute. Especially the consept arts, the musics and the frames from that episode at the end of each episode are real works of art.

The music hit me the most. I listened for days. Let’s watch the presentation first, then let’s move on to the topic and then the music.

Among the newly shot films, The Mandalorian and Rogue One are of considerable beauty. You can feel the spirit of the first series in both the acting and the care. The concussion has been going on since Disney’s acquisition. When George Lucas created the original series, he didn’t just think of robots, lightsabers and interesting planets, he added a strong philosophy and Jedi culture to the background.

If you have the patience, the Star Wars universe has a fictional universe with thousands of years of history. It means to read if you have the patience.

Timeline of Star Wars Galactic history:

Returning to the plot, The Mandalorian is about a hero who never shows his face, affiliated with some kind of chivalric sect. The metal that makes up his title is a special person with extraordinary qualities, and the warrior is a special person with superior fighting skills and the use of weapons. The timeline begins five years after Return of the Jedi, chronicling the Mandalorian bounty hunter outside the New Republic’s sphere of influence.

As you know, bounty hunting was a common practice in the era of the famous cowboys when the USA had its first wild west experience in the real world. There were rewards for the delivery of criminals dead or alive. The reason for this was insufficient security and public order, but the large terrain. A similar situation occurs in space.

Armor complemented by awards and a well-deserved reputation, insufficient payments and the exit of a high-paying job, our hero gets involved. Of course, things don’t go as planned.

Spoiler, I don’t want to go into more detail so as not to do it. However, I found the script successful. It is watched, it is not incoherent, it even has a certain level of emotionality.

This aspect is a bit of Spiderman, great power, great responsibility…
Visited planets, newly seen killer robots, giant sand monsters also show cross-feeding in science fiction. Let’s just say some Dune breeze.

One of the slogans in the movie is “This is the way”. The phrase “very brave, reliable person” is in one place. But to fulfill the requirements of being a Mandalorian, which he expresses, means “this is the way, our friend, this is our motto”.

Netflix The Mandalorian ? There is no such thing 🙂 Because it is broadcast on Disney as a platform.

IMDB page:



Let’s get to the music and the main theme music. When I first listened to it, I heard that it was a great effort. Then, when I examined how composer Ludwig Göransson composed and the instruments he used, I said absolutely.

Look how he composed it. It’s complete madness.

Shooting Technology, on the other hand, is very new. Greenscreen is no longer used. There are rooms that surround the player. It is described in Wikipedia as follows.


“StageCraft technology, developed jointly by Epic Games and ILM, was used in the series. With StageCraft technology, the digital backgrounds of the series were prepared in real time by reflecting the scenes designed in Unreal Engine 4, a game engine developed by Epic Games, onto the led screens that surround the shooting environment 360 degrees instead of a green screen. ”






“Players and characters
Main character
Pedro Pascal: The Mandalorian played a lone gunslinger and bounty hunter. Pascal characterizes his character as similar to Clint Eastwood, with advanced combat skills and “questionable moral values”.

“Grogu” is the same type of character as Yoda and has similar Force abilities. The Child is a 50-year-old baby. It is acted by various puppeteers in the series.

supporting roles
The following actors played supporting roles in their episodes.

Carl Weathers as “Greef Crow” played the leader of the bounty hunter guild who recruits the Mandalorian to track down a valuable target

Rosario Dawson: Ahsoka Tano is a former Jedi Padawan.

Werner Herzog as the Client played an unnamed man with Stormtrooper bodyguards who enable the Mandalorian to track a target.

Omid Abtahi: He played the character of Persid.

Nick Nolte voices Kuiil, the moisture farmer of Ugnaught

As the voice of IG-11, Taika Waititi voices a bounty hunter droid.

Gina Carano: portrayed “Cara Dune”, a mercenary from a former Rebel Shock Trooper who fought in the civil war for the Rebel League

Giancarlo Esposito: “Moff Gideon” plays the former governor of the Empire whose life is changed after the Rebels destroy the second Death Star.”

Pedro Pascal
Carl Weathers
Gina Carano
Werner Herzog
Nick Nolte

Jon Favreau
Dave Filoni

Jon Favreau
Dave Filoni
Taika Waititi
Bryce Dallas Howard
Rick Famuyiwa
Deborah Chow

Of course, seeing old friends together is also a pleasure.

Hey are you still here?

Here is the prize 🙂 The Spoiler moment when Luke Skywalker appears and the work of the fans who found this scene insufficient and recreated the same scene with a special artificial intelligence system called Deepfake.


May the force be with you! friends.