Sword of Damocles – Meaning And Stroy

Damocles (Damocles) is a person who admires power and power. His friend, King of Syracuse, Dionysus wants to teach him a lesson.
“Come,” He says, “Let’s live together for a time, in this magnificent palace”

Damocles goes mad with joy. Dances, music, baths, gardens are indescribable beauties. However, he cannot understand the unhappy sad expression on the King’s face.

“How happy you must be, how wonderful everything is!” he keeps saying. Then, when they sit down to eat, he feels something touching his head from above.

What do you see when you look up? A sharp heavy sword!

It’s just tied with a horsehair. It can break at any moment, it can bring death at any moment. She is horrified, but she perseveres not to disregard her courage and masculine dignity. Then the King asks his friend, “Why don’t you eat, why don’t you laugh?”

Democles shows the sword.

The King laughs bitterly. “Yes, I am a mighty King, but I live with the threat of your swords upon my neck. Great power also means great danger.

In that moment, Damocles understands power, wealth and the true nature of power. He says, “No, my friend, it’s more than enough for me, my poor and peaceful cottage on the mountain,” and leaves the palace quietly.

This story is told for centuries, maybe as a consolation for the poor, maybe for the wealth to be bearable and pitiful.

However, it is a fact that very few rich people leave the world peacefully in their sleep, and very few of them smile.



Roman philosopher Cicero
BC. 260
“Tusculanae Disputationes – Turculum Discussions”
Story rewritten by Süleyman Sönmez